SIVILIO Recruitment Agency

  • Quick search for candidates in the IT market
  • We save your time on staff recruitment
About Us
SIVILIO is a recruiting agency located in Poland. We can help you hire the exact employee you need on CIS, EU and the United States IT markets.

We develop our own soft to simplify the process of candidates selection.

We know how and where to look for such specialists as:
  • PHP developer
  • Java developer
  • Mobile developer (iOS/Android, React Native, Flutter, etc.)
  • Python developer
  • C# / C++ developer
  • Front-end developer (Angular, React, Vue, etc.)
  • Unity developer
  • Game designer
  • Project/product manager
  • QA manual/automation
  • Support manager, etc.
  • Digital marketer/copywriter/UAM/ASO/SMM manager
We will help you to hire employees who will bring profit to your company
7steps to close a vacancy
  1. You leave a request.
  2. We contact you and draw up a vacancy profile.
  3. We are looking for candidates. The best ones.
  4. We provide CV's and additional information about the candidates.
  5. We organize an interview between appropriate candidate and your HR/tech or team lead.
  6. You make a decision and pay for services.
  7. We guarantee the replacement of the candidate in case he/she does not fit the position

Why Us

We actively search: within 3 days you will have a CV of a suitable candidate. candidate.
We search swiftly: the average time to close a vacancy for a remote project is 10-20 days
We search for you: after the first position is closed, you will definitely contact us again
We provide a guarantee: a free candidate replacement guarantee - 3 months

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Our Contacts
GROCHOWSKA str. 44/U3,
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